What’s the Difference between Content Marketing and SEO Services?

As a full-service Digital Marketing agency, we provide our purchasers with a good kind of choices for rising their online presence. And for the foremost part, those services are pretty distinct—web services and social media are 2 entirely separate fields, as are, say, copywriting and eCommerce development.



But there’s a touch little bit of a grey area once it involves 2 of the methods we tend to offer: Content selling and SEO services. Most of a grey area, in fact, that leaves several of our clients asking, “What’s the difference?”

If you wish to find out additional regarding what makes SEO services and content distinctive, you’re never alone. Keep reading on to find out however the 2 of them are completely different, yet as what which means for the way you utilize them for your business.

What is SEO?

Before we tend to discuss the difference between SEO services and content promoting, it’s vital to 1st have a solid understanding of both of them separately. Therefore to start out, SEO refers to everything you are doing to form your web site rank higher for relevant terms in search engines like Google.


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It encompasses quite a few totally different methods, including:

  • Optimizing on-page components
  • Using native keywords
  • Improving user expertise
  • Building high-quality links
  • Maintaining a social media presence

All of those techniques work along to assist those pages on your web site rank well once users sort words or phrases associated with your business into search engines. For instance, if you run a neighborhood eating place, your SEO strategy may be placed beside the goal of ranking 1st for searches like “Indian eating place in Delhi” and “best Indian food in Delhi.”

What is content marketing?

Content promoting, on the opposite hand, involves making pages on your web site that your audience can notice attractive and using those pages to maneuver potential customers through the sales funnel. The categories you make rely upon your audience and goals, together with on-page posts, articles, guides, infographics, videos, and more.

SEO Servives

The relationship between SEO and content marketing

As you would have guessed, the first reason for the confusion between these ways is that there’s a decent little bit of overlap between the 2. In fact, they really have a mutual relationship.

Including keywords within the content you produce helps it rank higher in search engines, which means that it’ll attract a lot of traffic and be simpler in reaching your content selling goals. Conversely, adding robust content to your web site can improve its authority, which can provide a boost to your overall SEO.

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Basically, the higher your SEO, the higher your content can perform—and the other way around. Except for a lot of in-depth clarification, take a glance at this text concerning however content will improve your SEO.

The difference between SEO and content marketing

Now that we’ve established the connection between the 2, it’s time to poke into what, exactly, separates content promoting from SEO services.


First and foremost, you ought to invariably produce your content together with your audience in mind. This suggests that your copy, graphics, and formats ought to be designed to fit your human guests best. We tend to actually encourage you to optimize the pages you host it on, however, do therefore in a very method that doesn’t cut down from the content that you simply gift.

SEO servicesSEO services, on the opposite hand, need far more data regarding search engines and their crawlers. And though you’ll argue that the folks that design and use search engines also are human, the fact is that search engines themselves weigh keywords, title tags, headers, and alternative code-related components far more heavily than your average visitant.


As a result of these totally different audiences, the approaches you’re taking toward SEO Services and content selling ought to even be slightly totally different.

When doing SEO for your web site, you ought to take an analytical approach to any or all of the changes you create. Use tools like Google Analytics to probe the enormous information, and analysis keywords to work out new opportunities for growing your traffic and rankings. Considering that search engines use algorithms to deliver their results, an empirical strategy is your best bet.

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Your human guests aren’t nearly this scientific which means that your success depends on power to an explicit degree. Attracting the eye of potential customers needs standing out from the thousands of alternative blogs on-line, which is best done by giving one thing fully distinctive.

There’s no verified “formula” for fulfillment with content selling, which may be frustrating but if you like operating with enormous data and facts. However, if you concentrate on yourself an explicit kind, it may well be a good chance to experiment with new topics and formats.


This should return as no surprise, however, SEO Services and content selling both have their own manner of adding worth to your website and selling strategy. SEO primarily serves to draw in qualified traffic to your website and relates to the ways that within which you reach new guests. Content selling has a lot to do with keeping those guests interested once they arrive on your website and moving them nearer to changing into customers.



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