SEO SERVICES COMPANY– Why your business need them?

Seo services company in india

To answer this why let me start by explaining what is SEO? SEO expands for search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing the websites/online content so as to rank higher in the unpaid section of the search engine as the top result for certain keyword searches.

When we talk about SEO, it all happens between the search engine, the searcher, and you.

We all use search engines for information, for shopping, for time pass and almost everything. Because there are a lot of people surfing on search engines say Google (leading the race), you have to put your business in front of them. And, so you need  Seo services company that can help you in ranking higher on Google and other search engines.

How search engine works?

Search engine is the mediator between you and the user.

Basically, it is connecting the two needy parties, one is seeking and the other is providing, this holds true for both, the user and the business.

When you search for something in Google or any other search engine, there is an algorithm working in real-time to bring you the best results (as per the search engine algorithm).

Google scans billions of pages present in its database to find the most relevant page to answer your query.

seo services company

Your content can also be liked by google to serve the searchers. Our Digital Marketing company SEO Services can boost your page ranks.

You can show up in Google top searches.

Let’s take an example, you own a clothing brand for girls and sell online.

seo services company
Image source: Google

Now, consider the number of searches happening on google for clothes both by men and women. MEN NEED TO GIFT 😉

There are over 63,000 google searches happening every second. We can consider 1 out of these for clothing.

Of course, we can! Because clothing is a hot topic for all of us! If not to buy to bookmark.

So, this happens to be 60 per minute.

3600 in an hour.

And, 86,400 per day.

Out of this 86,400, if your SEO is top class, you can show up most of the time based on your location, product quality, and services.

Let’s suppose you get over 20,000 clicks per day.

Even we consider the conversion rate to be 0.01%, then also it’s 200 conversions per day.

If you are even making 200 per day only from search. That’s insane!

Because we also drive you gazillion traffic with our social media marketing services as well.

This is why you need our best SEO services.


SEO is not about doing on-page stuff only. It has to do a lot with your social media as well. SEO is very closely related to social media.

In fact, all digital marketing services are interlinked in one or the other manner.

SEO is not a very confined topic, it is as broad as the never-ending ocean.

The algorithms keep on updating.

The content needs to be updated.

Consistency and quality (over quantity) are required for SEO.

You own a business, if it’s a startup, you’ve to push your limits to get it on the track.

If it’s well-settled, then you work even harder to keep it stable yet growing.

And, marketing plays the most important part in both cases.

If provide professional SEO services, and don’t aware people of it, how would you even know there’s an “I” also in the market.

And, since nowadays, people are using search engines and social media more than watching televisions and noticing hoardings.

Because, if they have 10 mins, they’ll be scrolling Google or Facebook or Instagram….

And, definitely won’t be staring at billboards.

So, there comes the role of online marketing.

If you already have a brand reputation, we manage and add feathers to it.

If you’re new in the market, stress not! We’ll make you the king of your market.


To convince you more, let me dive into a bit technical part of SEO.

I am considering you have a website, but that’s it.

Now, that website is of no use if it’s just present for the mere presence. So, here is the first tool:


It has to be submitted to Google to know about it. Where comes in the role of our first SEO tool, and i.e. Google Search Console.

Apart from this, Google search console is a wonderful tool wherein you can see all the matrix of your website. The number of visitors, which pages they visited, how long they stayed on your website. It also tells you about the errors in the website. For example, if any page is not mobile-friendly if any pages have robot.txt(preventing from google spiders to index that page).

2)Mobile-Friendly Test

Fortunately, with the help of Google’s Mobile-friendly test, we can check whether or not the site is optimized for mobile.

3) Dr. Link Check

This tool scans your site for broken links:

Image source: Backlinko

4) Page Speed Insights

It is very important that your site loads insanely fast.


You know how much patience do people carry and moreover when they need something.

They want results as soon as they get Google to type in the query!

The list goes on.

Now, you know how important is to keep your site with a reliable digital marketing company. Where their SEO services keep your site healthy and user-friendly.

You work hard with what you are best at and we work hard with what we are best at. Together we rise! You rise more 😉

Because we both are working for you. We feel immense pleasure to broaden your horizons.

If you have come here, we are happy you read and liked it.

Do you want to add something to this?

We left any part untouched?

Please let us know by commenting.

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  1. Great read! When we are talking about why your business needs SEO then the local search should be on the list. Since mobile search and voice search is increasing, I feel that the local SEO has started to lead the SEO trends, and now it is virtually mandatory for every online business’ success.

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